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Frequencies of Eden: 2014 Energy and Intention

As we move into 2014, I feel a shift in the energy, a feeling of lightness, possibility and potential!

I am a healing artist. It is over ten years since the creation of my first painting, Healing the Waters of the Earth, changed the trajectory of my life. That painting was created with the intention of bringing into the world a piece of art that significantly contributed to the healing of the waters of our planet. It quickly became apparent that Healing the Waters of the Earth is truly energetic in nature, holding frequencies that influence water in all its forms, including that held within the structure of the human body. For me it was a door opener, opening the way to deep personal growth and to the creation of further paintings, which I call Image Keys and New Earth Chakra Keys, all based on sacred geometry designs imbued with the energies of crystals and sacred sound. This art holds frequencies of the higher dimensions, which I think of as the frequencies of Eden. It is art with a purpose… art to assist the raising of consciousness… art to help us awaken our inner essence and true potential… art to help us find our life purpose.

On January 1st  2014, I sat in my studio, surrounded by wonderful crystals and the frequencies of the Image Key paintings, contemplating the arrival of the New Year… I found the following words floating into my mind…


These are the energies I choose to bring into my experience this year!

As I continued to contemplate, I set the intention to fulfil my Potential for 2014 in alignment with Divine Love and my Life Mission… through JOY, Playfulness, Success, Passion and Inspiration.

This led me to create a simple card reading with the Messages of Universal Wisdom Empowerment Cards and intuitively chosen crystals, to bring a focus to the energies of this year… it is a message not only for myself – it is also  for YOU! The Empowerment Cards are based on my Image Key paintings and the essence of each Image Key is captured by a Key Word. Starting at the top of the photograph, move around the circle of six cards and then finally arrive at the central card; think of it as a sequence or story, leading you to the central gift for the year.

You are invited to spend a few moments contemplating the photograph before reading the messages of the cards. Now, begin with the first card, Balance (its keyword in the photo is hidden by the red hematite sphere).

BALANCE … It is time to balance Feminine intuitive dreaming with Masculine action and manifestation… time to manifest dreams

 New Year 2014


INSIGHT… Acute awareness and unlimited potential inspire the next phase of life… feel your consciousness rising

CREATIVITY… Allow and empower the expansion of your creative abilities… feel the joy within your Heart as creativity blossoms

LOVE… Gently release all blockages to LOVE and BE your true self by allowing yourself to be empowered by LOVE

CLARITY… Awaken to the beauty that you are… feel negative energies being released from every aspect of your life

HEALING… You are loved more than you can ever imagine

WISDOM… Imagine Golden Light surrounding you, assisting you to expand your consciousness and activate deeper levels of your true self, inviting you to be empowered by wisdom and to share your wisdom with the world.

The overall message of my January 1st reading was uplifting and supported a feeling of lightness, anticipation and the potential for personal growth on many levels.

Now, as I sit to write this piece, just a few weeks later into the New Year, I have again turned to the Empowerment Cards and intuitively chosen one additional card to present a further message for all who are reading these words…

Freedom Picture Card


The Freedom card is a wonderful card, as it lets us know, without a shadow of doubt, that we are the creators of our life and that we are free to create our Highest Dream. It encourages us to be conscious of feelings of Joy and Passion as they rise within our Hearts, and to use them as trustworthy guides to light our way through the year.

Know you are FREE to create your HIGHEST DREAM

So finally, ask yourself … What are your dreams? What brings JOY to your heart? What small steps can you take to start the manifestation process of bringing those dreams into reality?

It is a year of great potential… I send you Love, Blessings and Encouragement to connect with the JOY held within your HEART, and the courage and inspiration to fulfil the potential that this year holds for you!