Serene Frequencies Silk Scarves

Serene Frequencies

Pure Silk Scarves: Express Your Essence… Inspire Your World

This exquisite line of silk scarves combines the luxury of pure Silk Crepe de Chine with the beauty and high vibrational energies that epitomize Barbara’s sacred geometry-based designs. These radiant creations inspire a wonderful, sense of Peace, Joy and Harmony… they are positively serene.

Each 52” square scarf enfolds the wearer in beneficial frequencies that are palpable, joyous, uplifting and protective. The large size of the scarves allows them to be worn and used in multiple ways…early feedback confirms they are not only gorgeous and comforting to wear, they are also important, effective energetic tools to use in healing sessions with clients and patients.

There are six designs to choose from. Choose your favorite… or one of each, and feel the radiance as you present yourself to the world with Confidence, Joy and Serenity!