Personal Empowerment DiscsTM

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT DISCSTM Frequencies of Universal Love, Joy and Wisdom in the palm of your hand PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT DISCSTM Frequencies of Universal Love, Joy and Wisdom in the palm of your hand

Following the success of the highly acclaimed Chakra Key Healing Discs, we are pleased to have launched twelve Personal Empowerment Discs™ (Joy, New Dreams, Wisdom, Healing, Abundance, Love, Awareness, Oneness, Evolution, New Beginnings, Transformation and Carefree Delight). These selected discs are based on Barbara’s Image Key™ paintings and also feature in the inspirational Empowerment Cards. The discs are available in the original 3″ diameter size, and also in the super-sized 6″ diameter format.

Like all products that underpin The Art of Raising Frequency energy healing modality, the Personal Empowerment Discs carry vibrations that tune the human biofield, thus supporting a deeper connection with our True Essence and the promotion of enhanced Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Healing within our daily lives.

“An energetic art form which pulses with love and healing”
J. Clayton

How to Use the Personal Empowerment Discs:

The discs will transmit beneficial energies wherever they are placed. There is no wrong way to use the discs… the following suggestions are simply to help start your exploration! Please note that the 3″ discs are easier to use on the body, while the 6″ format is excellent for display.

  1. Place the discs on display in a room or office to clear and uplift the energy of the space and surroundings. Perfect for your work space, or favorite place in your home. Another favorite place is on a night stand, or even under the pillow!
  2. Holding and contemplating a disc helps to attune with the essence and intention that it holds… opening the way for beneficial energetic shifts and changes to unfold. This is also a good support for deeper meditations. Try holding a 3″ disc towards the light with the thumb and index fingers of both hands, and then look into the disc and feel the energetic circuit completed.
  3. Use the discs to amplify innate healing ability… place on the body, or move them intuitively through the energy field.
  4. Imagine breathing in the energy of the disc to fill your entire body with Love and Light… then breathe positive intentions back out into the world.

About the Personal Empowerment Discs

Each Quartz Glass Disc has a high quality central giclee image, and is hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties. Each 3″ disc comes in a velvet pouch with a description card and acrylic display stand, while the 6″ disc comes with a display stand and descriptive card. It is important not to get the discs wet, although they can be wiped with a damp cloth for cleaning. They may be “energetically” cleaned by placing them on, or under, white selenite.

“I absolutely love these expressions of Light! “  M. Wingate

“As both a healer and an artist, Barbara’s understanding of energy and light are made manifest through her beautiful healing designs.”  Naisha Ahsian,  author of The Crystal Ally Cards and co-author of The Book of Stones

“These are transformational  tools channeled with love… truly astonishing!”  Carmen Carigen, founder of Tranquil Healing