Rays of Creation

Rays of Creation

Rays of Creation… A Pathway to Wholeness Healing System™ is a stand-alone healing system within the Art of Raising Frequency™ energy healing modality. This unique system offers a new way of living and being within the world… it is truly a new and exciting contribution to Vibrational Medicine.

“The Rays of Creation are amazing… they take my sacred healing space to another level of Consciousness and ONENESS. I  believe the Rays help clear our energy field of debris, allowing us to connect and ground our essence of who we are. The high frequency that can be established with the Rays allows true healing to occur.”JoAnn Gorka LMT HTCP

The system, created by Barbara Evans,  uses color, celestial light, geometry, crystals and sound to  translate and integrate multi-dimensional frequencies into forms that can benefit our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves.

The Rays of Creation is cutting-edge technology, and has been developed for both  personal and professional use to take healing to a higher level. Allow the Rays to illuminate and transform your Life on all levels of Body and Being. This Healing System is a remarkable stimulus for reclaiming Wholeness, accelerating Personal Growth, and greatly enhancing a serene sense of Health and Wellbeing.

Below, you will find two very special launch offers – the first on the entire system, and the second on a combined book and card deck purchase.

What’s Included in the Rays of Creation:

Silk Creations
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Rays of Creation Book

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Rays of Creation Cards

Wholeness Cards
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Rays of Creation Disc

Wholeness Discs
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Master Key: Heart of Divinity

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Practitioner's Chart

Practitioners Chart

The Rays of Creation System

“The Rays are most wonderful, and are extremely useful in helping facilitate convalescence with clients who have presented post surgically, post fracture, kidney stones, lung infections, acute traumatic brain injury, and COVID-19. I use them almost daily, and my clients appreciate it!” Kerri Husman, MD, FAPA, IFMCP, DCEP, CIHC, CHTP

There are 12 Rays and a Master Key, Heart of Divinity, that make up 13 energetically powerful images. Each image is presented as a 3” diameter Wholeness Disc, and each image is also featured in a deck of Wholeness Cards. A companion book, Rays of Creation: Pathway to Wholeness™, provides detailed information about the creation, properties and benefits of each Ray, and instructs Practitioners how the Rays can be used as a stand alone healing system, as well as an energetic support to enhance the effectiveness of all other healing modalities. Specifically, the System includes…

• 12 Rays of Creation 3” diameter Wholeness Discs

• 1 Heart of Divinity Master Key 3” diameter Disc

Rays of Creation: Pathway to Wholeness Book

Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards

• Practitioners Reference Chart

• Heart of Divinity Master Key Silk Mat

• 1 Hour Complimentary Session with Barbara to enhance your connection with the Rays of Creation

Experience this new and exciting contribution to Vibrational Medicine!

Rays of Creation 3” diameter Wholeness Discs

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These beautiful 3” diameter hand-made glass discs, surrounded by copper, are the energetic foundation of the Rays of Creation Healing System. Each of the 12 individual Rays are endowed with a characteristic Essence, and radiates unique frequencies of support at multidimensional levels… the 13th image, Heart of Divinity carries composite frequencies of all the individual Rays.

“Rays of Creation is a very advanced technology for Healers to take their work to new levels. I am loving the Ray discs, and I use them with every distance session I do. I have been doing a lot of sessions with them, and found they provide profound protection for everyone… adults and children!” Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP-BC, APHN-BC, EEM-AP

Rays of Creation Prints

Rays of Creation Prints

The Rays of Creation are available as beautiful 8” x 8” giclee prints on museum quality paper, mounted on an acid-free white board, measuring 10” x 10”. Each print is signed by the artist, Barbara Evans, and they also come with a descriptive certificate.

Rays of Creation Prints
Price: $50 ea.

“Congratulations on a marvelous job! The layout is lovely and the colors and explanations are wonderful.” Karen R. Onofrio, MD, EEM-CP

Rays of Creation: Pathway to Wholeness Book

This “how-to” guide takes the reader on a rich journey, exploring the gifts presented by the Rays of Creation, and uncovering new realms of possibility, wonder and manifestation.

The book, which is a co-creation between Barbara Evans and Jenny Davis, outlines an energetic Pathway to Wholeness and Vibrant Health, using the Rays of Creation to awaken us to our Wholeness and allow us to reclaim precious gifts and talents, including physical health and emotional  wellbeing. Barbara is the creator of the Rays of Creation and Jenny is a highly gifted Practitioner with extensive experience using the Rays of Creation Healing System™.

The book is highly illustrated and charts the creation and significance of the 12 Rays of Creation, with an extensive description of each Ray’s properties, use and benefits. Special attention is given to the Master Key, Heart of Divinity, and the complementarity of this new healing system with other energy healing modalities.

Rays of Creation: A Pathway to Wholeness Healing System
Users Guide
Price: $33

Rays of Creation Book and Card Deck Special Offer

The book and card deck are stand alone healing tools that synergize with each other quite beautifully. They represent an ideal initial purchase… for this reason, we have created a special offer price for the book/card deck combination.

Rays of Creation Book and Card Deck

Price: $50

Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards

The Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards™ are a beautiful and powerful Energy Healing Tool for both personal and professional use. The images carry the frequencies of the original channeled paintings and offer a very real opportunity to work with highly beneficial Higher Dimensional Energies in a unique and exceptionally easy to use form.

The twelve individual Rays are each represented by a Card, together with the Thirteenth, Master Key (Heart of Divinity) card, which holds the Colors and Frequencies of all Twelve Celestial Rays. In addition, there is an introduction to the significance of the sacred geometry and colors that underpin the Rays.

Each card has a picture of the particular Celestial Ray together with a description. The description also carries energy and follows an important and distinct format on each card.

Collectively, the cards assist in gently creating and maintaining energetic shifts which enable more of our gifts and talents, true essence and life purpose to be expressed in our daily lives. This contributes to a remarkable sense of Wholeness, a hugely important precursor to enhanced health and wellbeing.

Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards
Price: $22

“What an amazing work of art, heart and intellect and understanding. The beautiful card set is so full of wisdom, beauty and insight, yet still so simple that just by looking at them, a new sense of understanding and feeling is aroused. There is a depth of so many meanings in each card.” Martha Graves, Reiki Master Teacher

Silk Creations

Heart of Divinity
Master Key Pure Silk Aura Mat

The Heart of Divinity mat works to optimize the integrity and balance of your energetic systems (auric field/biofield) – this is especially useful in stressful, unfamiliar or challenging circumstances.

100% Pure Silk Aura Mat
Price: $58

Heart of Divinity
Silk Scarf

This silk scarf emanates Wholeness and connection with your Divine Essence while combining the luxury of pure Silk Crepe de Chine with the beauty and high vibrational energies that epitomize Barbara’s sacred geometry.

100% Pure Silk Scarf
Price: $195