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Energetic Support for our Children: Hope; Love; Peace: Protection

On December 15, one day after the tragedy in Connecticut, two very clear messages were delivered to me, and I feel compelled to share them with you.
The first message came from a dear friend arriving at Crystal Wings Studio for a gathering. Trish rushed in… I have a message for you… your artwork needs to be in our schools, the children need the support of these energies! She added that ambassadors will step forward to help facilitate this; ambassadors for the Image Keys. Trish could feel that one image in particular will help the children feel safe… and said I would know which this is. I guided Trish and her friend Lorna to stand in front of Children of Light, Image Key #19 … we all knew it was the “one”. Archangel Michael is a guardian of this image, and he is known as the Archangel of protection. Children of Light holds energies which represent the fullest expression of our inner divine essence; it represents our energies before coming into this lifetime. and those we will still be when we leave.

Many children present in the world today have exceptional gifts, and they are very sensitive to subtle energies. In my experience these children recognize the frequencies and vibrations radiating from Children of Light … the energies feel comforting, and feel like home. This was beautifully demonstrated recently when a young girl, maybe around 8 years old, came into my booth at an Expo in Minneapolis. I asked her which was her favorite of all of the paintings, and she immediately chose Children of Light saying it made her feel like she was all curled up in a warm and cozy blanket.
The second message came later in the day when I was a guest on Linda Strasburg’s Lights-On Network Radio Show. Linda asked me how my work could help the children. She stressed that even very young children are aware of what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and her concern is the great potential for children all over the USA to be adversely affected as they connect with the tragedy, fear and pain. Awaking the next morning, three more Image Keys clearly stepped forward as having frequencies and vibrations to assist our children feel safe within this world. They are Image Keys to help them heal emotional wounds and keep their beautiful young hearts open so they can truly be who they are.
These three Image Keys represent HOPE, LOVE and PEACE.
HOPE … Image Key #22, Earth Star: Crown of Hope… helps all children to connect energetically with their highest spiritual guides, their guardian angels and their own Divine Essence. Crown of Hope brings HOPE into all our lives.



LOVE … Image Key #20, Earth Star: Heart of Love… helps to release the deepest wounds held within our hearts and replace that with Universal Divine Love.



PEACE … Image Key #23, Earth Star: Root of Peace… radiates powerful frequencies of Divine LOVE to help us to feel safe in the world and bring feelings of PEACE.

It is with Hope, Love, Peace and Protection that I share this message with you. I know, within my heart, that these Image Keys can make a difference through raising frequency both within and around us. Contemplate the four images above; feel and connect with their energies … imagine drawing the gifts of Hope, Love, Peace and Protection deep into your heart. Allow the images to raise your frequency, and then breathe these energies out into the world! If you have children, invite them to do the same.

Love and Blessings,