Messages of Universal Wisdom Book

Messages of Universal Wisdom

FW Book of the Year Awards Finalist 2009 …Body, Mind & Spirit.

A Journey of Connection Through the Heart

Messages of Universal Wisdom – A Journey of Connection Through the Heart, is a unique and beautifully illustrated account of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, that introduces the reader to Barbara’s high vibrational art (The Image Keys), telling the story of its divinely-inspired creation and significance. This energetically active artwork raises frequency and consciousness, inviting us to create a life we love… a life based on the positive vibrations of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope, rather than the negative vibrations of fear and anxiety. The art, created through infinite love and wisdom, interweaves the multifaceted energies of Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Astrological Alignments, Angels, Sacred Sounds and Spirit Guides. Its purpose is to shine light upon our spiritual path by gently activating our full DNA Blueprint, and the Love and Wisdom we each hold within our heart. This allows us to connect deeply with our true self, our purpose in life, and ultimately our full potential and innate self-healing capabilities.

Messages of Universal Wisdom is a rich and inspiring companion for everyone’s spiritual journey of transformation.