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“Words fall short to express my gratitude for the life transforming experience I shared with you ladies this weekend! I have never felt that so many possibilities are available for my life as I do today… sign me up for every event in the future!” Susan S., Austin TX

Pathways to Wholeness - Find Your Path

Welcome to Pathways to Wholeness!

My High Vibrational Artwork, created over the past 20 years, has underpinned the emergence/evolution of a powerful new healing modality, The Art of Raising Frequency. More recently, and together with my great friend and energy healer extraordinaire, Jenny Davis, I have worked intensively to extend this work by developing new protocols and programs that are unique, highly effective contributions to vibrational healing. Jenny and I are now excited to bring these “Pathways to Wholeness” to the World!

Based on a harmonious synchrony of Sacred Geometry, Color, Crystals and Sound, we have integrated the beneficial frequencies of these known healing modalities to create powerful tools for Biofield Tuning, Coherence, Wholeness, Attaining Potential and Achieving Vibrant Wellbeing. Furthermore, our thoughtfully designed protocols help optimize the practical utility of these healing tools… the understanding and application of these protocols is an important component of our workshops.

Our On Line Programs (for specific upcoming events, see below) range from free one hour Group Healings to one day and full weekend intensives, with certificates offered that indicate the contact hours of teaching. In addition, we now offer a Practitioner Certification Program in the Art of Raising Frequency… details are available on request from Barbara, using the contact information on the website.

Schedule of Upcoming Events…

Chakra Recalibration Master Class

September 18 and 19 (12 Hours of On Line Instruction)

Early Bird (until September 1) Investment $450

Recalibrate your Chakra System and align with the frequencies and consciousness of the New Earth with this BRAND NEW Master Class. Experience a unique and exciting journey through ELEVEN Chakras, inviting you to awaken codes, already carried within your Spiritual DNA, that strengthen your connection to the Heart of Source and the Heart of the Earth.

Strap yourselves in for this deep dive into Chakra Mastery, and step up to the next Level of Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit!  

Sacred Sound Workshop

An Introduction to the Healing Tones of Crystal Singing Bowls

Saturday, October 23: 2-3pm EST Online

Cost $20 (includes recording of the workshop)

Sound healing is a proven phenomenon, and the pure tones of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls represent a beautiful and beneficial apex of what sound healing can achieve.

Barbara Evans, creator of the Art of Raising Frequency energy healing modality, has incorporated Crystal Singing Bowls into her work for nearly two decades, with amazing results. In this workshop, Barbara will draw on that experience to demonstrate how Crystal Singing Bowls help promote a deep connection with our True Self and the Universe, leading to enhanced Peace, Joy and Wellbeing in our lives. You will learn how to make the Crystal Bowls sing, and how different combinations can be used to produce vibrations tailored to specific outcomes and benefits.

Vibrational Healing Intensive for Practitioners

November 13 and 14 (12 Hours of On Line Instruction)

Early Bird Investment $450

Our Flagship Course for Practitioners synthesizes all the tools and protocols of the Art of Raising Frequency, and guides you on how to incorporate these new techniques and their benefits into your life and work.

Expand your healing gifts and transform your Personal and Professional Life with this comprehensive Master Class in which you will learn new and unique approaches to Vibrational Healing, with special emphasis on Self-Care and Distance Healing.

Personally experience the benefits of Art of Raising Frequency as you learn Step by Step the protocols that interweave Sacred Geometry, Color, Crystals and Sound into treatment sessions. Most importantly, learn how to easily customize each session for the needs of your client/patient.

Meet Your Teachers

Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans…Creator of the  Art of  Raising Frequency™.  Award Winning Author and Leader in Vibrational Medicine.      

Barbara’s deep sense of Love for our Planet Earth fires a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world…  a way based upon Wisdom, Love, Harmony and Compassion.

Born in England, Barbara graduated in Biology and Education from the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge. She has studied multiple alternative healing modalities and is a Visionary Healing Artist, Reiki  Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist™ and Ordained Minister. 

Barbara’s journey in Vibrational Medicine began with her initial awakening in 1993, that led to the creation of beautiful high vibrational sacred geometry artwork. This intense and exciting journey culminated with the recent launch of the Rays of Creation Healing System in 2020. Barbara is now on a mission to bring this profound work and its potential to the World. 

Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis, Certified Energy Health Practitioner,  Ordained Healer and Mystic, New Energy Teacher, Art of Raising Frequency™ Practitioner and Rays of  Creation Healing System™ Instructor.

Jenny’s lifelong dedication to spiritual awareness and self discovery provides the foundation for her healing work. She integrates many energy psychology methods and healing techniques to create unique and personalized healing sessions, clearing blocks of deeply implanted beliefs and traumas that restrict creativity, peace and wellbeing. 

As a graduate of the Art of Raising Frequency Practitioner Training Program, Jenny shares her experiences and deep insights with this exciting new energy healing modality. In particular, she will be sharing how she has integrated Art of Raising Frequency approaches with multiple other healing modalities to achieve outstanding results and client satisfaction.