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The Empowerment Series

Messages of Universal Wisdom
Messages of Universal Wisdom Book
Image Key Prints
The Empowerment Discs
Empowerment Discs
Aura Mats
Empowerment Silks

The Chakra Series

The Art of Raising Frequency
The Art of Raising Frequency Book
Chakra Prints
Chakra Prints
Chakra Discs
Healing Discs
Aura Mat
Silk Creations
Chakra Keys for the New Earth
Chakra Cards

Rays of Creation

Rays of Creation Mat
Silk Creations
Wholeness Discs
Wholeness Discs
Rays of Creation Book
Rays of Creation Book
Rays of Creation Cards
Wholeness Cards

Serene Frequencies Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves

Serene Frequencies Aura Mats

Silk Aura Mats

Serene Frequencies Aura Columns

Silk Columns

Wholeness Pendant

Silver Pendant

Coloring for Joy

Coloring For Joy Book

Connecting Through the Heart

Connecting Through The Heart Book