Rays of Creation Full System


• 12 Rays of Creation 3” diameter Wholeness Discs
• 1 Heart of Divinity Master Key 3” diameter Disc
• Rays of Creation: Pathway to Wholeness Book
• Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards
• Practitioners Reference Chart
• Heart of Divinity Master Key Silk Mat
• 1 Hour Complimentary Session with Barbara to enhance your connection with the Rays of Creation

Rays of Creation… A Pathway to Wholeness Healing System™ is a stand-alone healing system within the Art of Raising Frequency™ energy healing modality. This unique system offers a new way of living and being within the world… it is truly a new and exciting contribution to Vibrational Medicine.

The system, created by Barbara Evans,  uses color, celestial light, geometry, crystals and sound to  translate and integrate multi-dimensional frequencies into forms that can benefit our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves.

The Rays of Creation is cutting-edge technology, and has been developed for both  personal and professional use to take healing to a higher level. Allow the Rays to illuminate and transform your Life on all levels of Body and Being. This Healing System is a remarkable stimulus for reclaiming Wholeness, accelerating Personal Growth, and greatly enhancing a serene sense of Health and Wellbeing.