What People Are Saying

“I was mesmerized by Barbara, her wisdom keys, this amazing work; how she is able to translate the intangible into the tangible in a way that honors where human and Divine intersect – the nexus point.”
– Kelly Sullivan Walden (“Dr Dream”), certified hypnotherapist and best selling author of I Had the Strangest Dream and Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen

“With vibrant color and the geometries and archetypes of creation, the visionary artwork of Barbara Evans reminds us of the joy of Spirit. Channeled from the heart, her paintings are more than simply beautiful images- (they are) true energetic keys … reflecting the innocence, clarity and energy of the higher realms. Used as a focus in meditation, each piece becomes a doorway that allows us to access the frequency it represents. As both a healer and an artist, Barbara’s understanding of energy and light are made manifest through her beautiful healing designs.”
– Naisha Ahsian, Director of the Crystalis Institute; author of The Crystal Ally Cards and co-author of The Book of Stones

“Barbara Evans’ artwork is both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually powerful. She enhances the relationship between mandala art and spiritual awakening, providing new patterns that carry the frequencies being transmitted to the Earth at this time. Those working toward their own evolutionary destiny will find that wordless inner experiences of vibrational ascension can be kindled through contemplation of this inspired art.”
– Robert Simmons, author of Stones of the New Consciouness, co-author of The Book of Stones

“Energy to gently awaken the deepest levels of global consciousness.”
Dorinda Gay, Energy Intuitive and founder of Spirit Transitions

“A tool for opening the heart and shining light on the spiritual path.”
L Shannon Andersen, author of The Magdalene Awakening

“A cornucopia of transformational tools channeled with love… truly astonishing!”
– Carmen Carigen, Spiritual Healer/ Teacher and founder of Tranquil Healing


Roxanne Daleo“Messages of Universal Wisdom” is my morning meditation:  a heart-warming, mind-opening and frequency-raising daily ritual for wellness, wholeness and wisdom. Thank You!”

Dr Roxanne Daleo, Author and Educator.  www.drroxannedaleo.com