Wholeness Pendants

pendant_bwThe Wholeness Pendant Carries the Essence of Vibrant Health

Through the frequencies of Divine LOVE, the Wholeness Pendant supports the raising of consciousness and opening of the Heart. This inspiring piece of jewelry is designed by high vibrational healing artist, Barbara Evans to specifically encourage  a strong connection with our True Essence, gently opening the way for Wholeness and Vibrant Health to blossom in our lives.

The straight lines within the geometry of this delicate pendant represent a Dodecahedron, symbol of the Universe and Creation. Enfolded within the dodecahedron is a 5-petal Rose, creating connection to the Divine Feminine. At the heart of the Rose, 5 lotus petals honor Venus, the Planet of Love, Beauty, Harmony and Creativity. Pythagoras associated the number 5 with the art of healing, and considered the 5-pointed star a symbol of Health.

The Wholeness Pendant is available in three versions: pure sterling silver; vermeil gold on sterling silver and vermeil rose gold (gold/copper mix) on sterling silver. Silver is considered to possess a lunar archetypal feminine energy, which helps us express the deepest aspects of Self… our true essence. Gold carries the solar archetypal masculine energy, and brings Joy, Excitement, Strength and Determination. Copper can be considered a conduit between Heaven and Earth – it assists the manifestation process and is a powerful support for physical healing.

Each piece is carefully and lovingly hand-finished, measures 33mm in diameter, and is presented with a beautiful matching Italian snake chain and a descriptive certificate of authenticity.

“Looking at this pendant is beautiful and calming”

Salome Eisenberg, IL

“The days I wear my pendant, I just feel so empowered!

Marie Nix, FL

“This is Powerful Medicine!”

Valerie Johnson, CA

“I LOVE the pendant!!! It emanates beautiful, soft energy in a lovely pulse that radiates outward like a flower bloom”

Sue Ustas,  MA

Vermeil Gold

This vermeil gold version of The Wholeness Pendant features high quality gold plating on sterling silver. It is absolutely beautiful, and benefits from the energetic synergy of these two precious metals. The pendant comes with a variable length (max 24″) matching vermeil gold chain for exceptional convenience.

Vermeil Rose Gold

This vermeil rose gold version of The Wholeness Pendant has high quality gold/copper plating on sterling silver. Energetically, the addition of copper to the mix of gold and silver enhances the vibrational properties of the pendant design. The pendant comes with a matching, variable length (max 24″) rose gold chain for exceptional convenience.

Sterling Silver

This is the original Wholeness Pendant, which has brought so much Joy, Harmony and Empowerment to hundreds of delighted and highly satisfied customers. It comes  with a fixed length (18″) sterling silver snake chain.