Coloring For Joy – A New Mandala Coloring Book for Children

Coloring for Joy so clearly captures the exuberance and energy of positive emotional states! EVERY child, no matter what the age – will benefit from using this coloring book!”

Dr. Jan Seward, Psy. D., M.C.A.T Clinical Professor of Psychology, the University of Bridgeport, CT.


Coloring for Joy is built around a series of mandala templates, beautiful images and positive key words which combine to inspire feelings of Joy, Love, Hope and Harmony.

Coloring for Joy provides an opportunity for children of all ages to create their own journey of self-discovery and self-expression!

Coloring for Joy builds a child’s inner strength and confidence as they connect with their inner beauty and precious gifts.

Coloring for Joy is fun and enhances a strong sense of feeling loved, encouraged and supported within the world.

Size 11″ x 8.5″
44 pages: ISBN 13: 978-0-9836369-2-2

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A message from Barbara…

The world is filled with incredible children, all of whom have remarkable gifts and talents… they hold so much promise. Yet, we live in a world of duality: the positive frequencies of Love, Joy, Harmony and Hope being countered by negative vibrations of Fear, Anger, Discord and Despair. Children are highly sensitive to the energies around them – those they experience within their family and school, and those they are exposed to through the media TV, movies and internet are particularly influential, and all too often focus on themes of violence, chaos and fear.

As adults, we are the guardians of the world’s children – it is important for them to feel a sense of Love, Support, Joy and Hope, in order to build the confidence and Inner strength to grow into their full potential.

Coloring for Joy, created in collaboration with my daughter, Charlotte, is far more than a coloring book – it is a unique concept which like sunlight bursting through the clouds immerses children of all ages in positive energies of Love and Joy. Coloring for Joy offers a point of connection with the positive emotional states that are so important for healthy growth and development. Coloring for Joy is FUN yet the benefits are intended to be profound as it helps children forge a sense of wholeness, support and place within the world.


About the Authors

Barbara-Bio-Pic_1Barbara Evans
is an internationally recognized artist and award-winning author.She is founder of The Art of Raising Frequency, providing tools to assist people of all ages to connect with their inner beauty and awaken their true potential.

Charlotte-Bio-Pic_1Charlotte Evans
has a double masters degree in Elementary and Special Education from Wheelock College in Boston, and is a teacher in Newton, MA.Charlotte has a true passion for teaching and working with students of all ages.