Serene Frequencies Silk Aura Mats



The luxurious Aura Mats, printed on 100% pure silk, offer positive vibrations of Love, Protection, Peace and Healing… they are extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways. The mats work to optimize the integrity and balance of your energetic systems (auric field/biofield) – this is especially useful in stressful, unfamiliar or challenging circumstances. Sitting on, or using, any of these mats helps promote inspired feelings of Joy, Peace and Harmony. Feel supported by positive frequencies whenever you need them; at home, at work, or while traveling, and allow them to help you maintain optimal emotional balance and vibrant wellbeing.

The Aura Mats have so many potential uses and benefits. For instance…

  • Help create an energetic bubble of sacred, healing space, anytime, anywhere
  • Increased Inspiration, Clarity and Focus while working
  • Comfort and Protection while sleeping
  • Help remove energy blockages; restore, revitalize and rejuvenate
  • Reduce travel stress (in the car, on a plane, in hotel rooms)
  • Increased protection against unknown, potentially negative, energetic imprints left by others

Currently, ten Aura Mats are available: seven are rectangular (15.5” x 12”) and three are squares (13.5” x 13.5”), based on Barbara’s Chakra Key images. The mats are described below.

Healing the Waters of The Earth Invites you to open your Heart and allow vibrations of Love to initiate Healing Image Key #1: Essence: Healing

New Dreams Connect with your highest dreams and bring them into reality Image Key #11: Essence: New Dreams

New Earth Courageously and fearlessly embrace New Beginnings, and actively contribute to creating The New Earth Image Key #14: Essence: New Beginnings

Shift of the Ages Transformation offers a pathway of Expansion into Peace, Beauty, Joy and Abundance Image Key #15: Essence: Transformation

Carefree Delight Feel and express the abundance of Joy that lies within your Heart and Soul Image Key #16: Essence: Joy, Peace and Harmony

Cosmic Sunrise Feel the blossoming of Abundance within and around you Image Key #18: Essence: Abundance

The “multi-vitamin” of the new Rays of Creation Wholeness Healing System. A powerful connection to Universal Love and Wisdom Ray of Creation: Heart of Divinity

Encourages a deep sense of Peace, Safety and Connection Chakra Key: Root of Peace Chakra Correspondence: Root Chakra

Chakra Correspondence: Solar Plexus Chakra Attunes to our energetic seat of Personal Power, promoting a strong sense of Confidence, Self Esteem and Integrity Chakra Key: Temple of Power

Chakra Correspondence: Stellar Gateway Chakra Connect strongly with infinite energy and the Source of Creation. Opens the way for all possibilities Chakra Key: Essence of Life