Chakra Key Healing Discs

Eleven Chakra Key Healing Discs have been lovingly created from Barbara’s New Earth Chakra Keys, one disc for each of the seven Major Chakras, plus the Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, High Heart and Earth Star Chakras. These are truly advanced, energy healing tools for our time, transmitting wonderful, high vibrational frequencies to clear, balance, activate and refine the entire Chakra System. They provide energetic and spiritual support to facilitate deep connection with our inner essence, activate our gifts and self-healing capabilities, ignite our true potential, and enhance wellbeing at every level of Body, Mind and Spirit.

These beautiful 3” Quartz Crystal Discs have a high quality central Laser Image and are hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties. Each disc comes in a black velvet pouch with Affirmation and descriptive card.

The discs may be purchased separately for $111 per disc or $1221 for the full set of 11 discs. Shipping is free, and each disc comes with velvet pouch, display stand and descriptive card.

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Showing all 12 results