Practitioner Certification Program

Art of Raising Frequency: Practitioner Certification Program (ARF-CP)

Practitioner Certification

The Evolution of Barbara’s high vibrational art into a new energy healing modality, The Art of Raising Frequency, has been a constant process of transformation and refinement covering two decades, all beautifully guided by Love and Wisdom.

During this time, Barbara’s own creativity and her developing awareness and expansion,  complemented with insightful contributions from multiple collaborators and Practitioners, have breathed life and meaning into everything that Art of Raising Frequency now represents.

The intention has always been that The Art of Raising Frequency is a gift to be shared with the world, raising the Consciousness of Humanity and bringing Love, Joy, Harmony and Wellbeing to All. To help manifest this vision, numerous energy healing tools and protocols, created, fine-tuned and developed over many years, have now become the basis of a Certification Program that offers Practitioners the opportunity to Discover, Practice, and Share the Art of Raising Frequency and its amazing benefits.

If you are a Practitioner interested in expanding your personal growth and energy healing skill sets, then we invite you to seriously consider becoming a certified Art of Raising Frequency Practitioner (ARF-CP). The course is easy to take, yet rigorous in scope with an excellent balance of theoretical, practical and clinical work. The essential features of the Program are summarized below…

  • 48 hours of instruction by attending 4 on line Weekend Workshop intensives…
  • At least 24 hours of private one-on-one mentorship. This may be conducted entirely on line, or arrangements can also be made for a weekend of in person tuition at Barbara’s studio in Madison, Connecticut.
  • A supervised series of at least 50 healing sessions with a mix of clients. Written records of these sessions will comprise am important component of the course assessment. Some of these sessions will be based exclusively on the Art of Raising Frequency, while others can incorporate Art of Raising Frequency with other approaches of the Practitioner’s choosing
  • Acquiring the core Art of Raising Frequency energy healing tools that form the basis of distance and in person healing sessions
  • Certification can be achieved in 12-24 months
  • Program is taught personally by Barbara Evans (creator of The Art of Raising Frequency) and her co-teacher, Jenny Davis, a gifted Practitioner who has paved the way in implementing Art of Raising Frequency approaches in her energy healing practice

The Art of Raising Frequency Events and Certification Program have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Practitioners are attracted to this modality because it can easily underpin all energy healing approaches and it is powerful for both in person and distance healing sessions. Furthermore, it is an amazing support for practitioner self-care, and many have commented how the Art of Raising Frequency enhances not only personal development, but also presents lucrative additional professional and business opportunities.

“I am beyond thrilled with the certification program. I feel so honored and so very blessed to have been mentored by both of you.  I know that you will continue to be available as my connection and attunement to the Art of Raising Frequency deepens and evolves.  Undertaking this experience, this journey, with you has been a blessing in so many ways.  Thank you beyond what words can express. I look forward to growing with, and through, the unlimited potential that is the Art of Raising Frequency.” Tammy Marinaro RN, BSc, BHS, ARF-CP

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