Introducing The Art of Raising Frequency

Introducing The Art of Raising Frequency

Raising our vibrational frequency raises our consciousness and promotes positive energies of Love, Joy, Harmony and Compassion. 

The Art of Raising Frequency is a new energy healing modality, based upon high vibrational art, crystals and sound, developed by artist, author and leader in Vibration Healing, Barbara Evans. Particularly important are Barbara’s unique high vibrational Image Key™, Chakra Key and Rays of Creation paintings, which she was guided to create for raising our personal frequency, and also the frequency of any space in which the images are placed. The Art of Raising Frequency translates beneficial energies from the Higher Dimensions, allowing them to be transmitted into visible, tangible forms that encourage a powerful energetic transformation. Through raising vibrational frequency, Barbara’s images, together with crystals and sacred sound, invite us to raise our Consciousness, promoting Insight, Love and Wisdom… the building blocks to unlocking our Infinite Potential. They assist us to manifest our Highest Dreams, create the future we desire, and help anchor Oneness, Joy, Abundance and Wellbeing into our lives.

The Art of Raising Frequency is Alchemy in action… it offers the opportunity to fine tune the Human Biofield, and awaken a deep connection with our Inner Self, or True Essence. This deep connection is a portal to a new and expanded understanding about ourselves, and how we interact with the world… put simply, it encourages the Awakening of our Full and Infinite Potential, and helps unlock our powerful, innate self-healing capabilities.

Rays and Bowls in Studio

Currently, The Art of Raising Frequency comprises three series of high vibrational Art…

The Empowerment Series,
based on Image Key Paintings

Empowerment Series

The Chakra Series,
based on Chakra Key Paintings

Chakra Series

The Rays of Creation, Pathway to Wholeness Series,
based on the Rays of Creation Paintings

Rays of Creations

“The Art of Raising Frequency opens up an additional layer of holistic healing that raises healing vibrations and complements both traditional medical care and energy medicine”. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP, APHN, EEM-AP

“What the Art of Raising Frequency modality has the capacity to do is almost beyond comprehension. I have implemented it into my practice with stellar results”. Dr Alexis Edwards, AP, DOM

Some Essential Features of The Art of Raising Frequency:

  • The Art of Raising Frequency is founded upon Barbara’s High Vibrational Art created as energetic keys which hold frequencies of Celestial Light and the Higher Dimensions. The beneficial impact of the Art is further enhanced by intuitively selected crystals and the sacred sound of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.
  • The Art of Raising Frequency invites us to enhance and leverage the subtle energies that constantly surround us, and offers an opportunity to create an energetic environment that is supportive, loving, peaceful, insightful and inspirational.
  • The Art of Raising Frequency presents beautiful and highly beneficial frequencies which raise our Consciousness, assisting us to awaken to new possibilities and potential.
  • The Art of Raising Frequency inspires new ways of living and being within the world, founded in LOVE and the HEART.
  • The Art of Raising Frequency enhances the energetic frequency of any environment such as home, school, workplace and healthcare organization.
  • The Art of Raising Frequency stimulates self-healing capabilities, and is increasingly being recognized as an important contribution to integrative healthcare