Art of Raising Frequency: Certified Practitioners

Barbara Evans

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Barbara Evans BS, MS-Ed, ARF-CP

Creator of Art of Raising Frequency™ Vibrational Healing System,

Reiki Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist and Ordained Minister

Since its first foundations were created in 2003, Barbara has devoted her life to developing and evolving the Art of Raising Frequency into the unique vibrational healing system we see today. Her passion and continuing life mission is to share this profound new approach to healing with humanity.

Leveraging her deep experience and unique expertise, Barbara is currently offering customized Art of Raising Frequency Sessions, which she calls “Ducks in a Row”… the specific protocol you will experience in your Session will help you to align all aspects of yourself… Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Body… to bring your best self forward for the manifestation of your dreams and visions..

Are you feeling you are on a mission?

Are you feeling you have a vision that you are choosing to step forward and manifest?

This is a great opportunity to benefit from one-on-one sessions with Barbara as she brings her deep experience with the Art of Raising Frequency to support you and your very personal intentions.

Please use the link below for further information and to book your session!

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Healing With Joy!
MidWest Energy Movement

Woodstock, Illinois

Gail Van Kanegan DNP, FNP

Art of Raising Frequency™ Certified Practitioner (ARF-CP)

EEM-AP, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner

Dr Gail is a Nurse Practitioner, retired after being in the nursing & medical profession for 50 years. She has utilized a holistic & integrative approach to caring for her patients and clients since the 1980’s. A Professional, Teacher, Student, Mentor, Energy Healer, and a Spiritual Being is how Dr. Gail describes herself.

Dr Gail first obtained Energy Healing Certification in 2007. She specializes in the Art of Raising Frequency, reduction of the harmful effects of stress, and restoring Energetic, Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual balance. Dr. Gail continues to study and increase her Spiritual Awareness and Consciousness for self-care and her clients.

Dr. Gail has a full-time private Energy Healing Practice. She works with clients via zoom, remotely, and in person. She also teaches classes to professionals, clients, and the public.

Tammy Marinaro, RN, BSc BHS, ARF-CP

Energy medicine and mediumship are my passions!

My practice is an integration of my individuality, education, experience, and spirituality. My desires as a practitioner are to help clients to rediscover the fullness of their being; to live with true joy and passion; to feel well physically, emotionally, and mentally; and to help clients unleash their true potential to manifest the life they have always wanted.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a facilitator in your self-initiated process of healing and transformation of body, mind and spirit. If you would like to explore further, please visit my website

I offer synergistic Art of Raising Frequency™ healing sessions as well as Intuitive Art of Raising Frequency Card Readings. I invite you to experience the grace and power of healing that the Art of Raising Frequency offers.  Healing can be easy, graceful, and enjoyable.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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Gulfport, MS

Carolyn Melton CHTP, ARF-CP

I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Art of Raising Frequency™ Practitioner, based in Gulfport, MS.  I have been married for 23 years to my wonderful husband; I have three children and five grandchildren whom I adore.

My journey to becoming a practitioner began after a health scare that required several heart surgeries.  I started working with a Reiki healer in 2011.  I was introduced to the Healing Grannies in 2013, who introduced me to Healing touch.  I took required classes under the leadership of Mary Frost to become certified in Healing Touch.  I met Barbara Evans, creator of the Art of Raising Frequency™, at a Healing Touch conference in 2019 and was inspired by her work.  Under Barbara’s leadership I became certified in the Art of Raising Frequency.  I take continuing education courses in both systems and have also integrated Alchemy crystal singing bowls into my practice.  I see the positive impact these healing services have had on my own health and life, and I feel called to share these blessing with others.  I offer in-person and remote sessions.  Please contact me if you are interested in starting your healing journey or have any questions.  I look forward to working with you!

Jenny Davis

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Jenny Davis, CEHP, ARF-CP

Certified Energy Health Practitioner,  Art of Raising Frequency™  Certified Practitioner, Ordained Healer and Mystic, and Intuitive Development Mentor.

Jenny’s lifelong dedication to spiritual awareness and self discovery provides the foundation for her work. She incorporates many energy psychology methods and healing techniques to create unique and personalized healing sessions. Her gifts allow her to clear blocks of deeply implanted beliefs and traumas that restrict creativity, peace and wellbeing.

She is committed to expanding awareness, elevating consciousness, and creating pathways for intentional living.

Jenny creates a space for alignment and recalibration of the body, heart, and soul for socially conscious individuals and organizations. This is done through individual and group sessions, workshops, and teleconferences to provide the context necessary for clients to let go of deeply implanted negative beliefs, recognize their creative power, and use it to its full potential.

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Amy Hibdon, LMT, ARF-CP

Amy has been practicing massage therapy in Middle Tennessee since the beginning of 2016. She has also studied CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, as well as Reiki. Amy is very blessed to have received mentorship from Jenny Davis, CEHP, ARF-CP since 2015. While growing into her practice, Amy awakened her strongest gift- sound healing. She found her own voice and began vocally toning during sessions. The addition of crystal singing bowls increased the effects by leaps and bounds. However, the Art of Raising Frequency™ pushed her work to another level (beginning in 2019). Amy began using Barbara’s tools and exclusively offering Sound and Frequency Healing sessions in 2021. She has since finished the Art of Raising Frequency Practitioner training and fully integrates the tools into her sessions by building the grids and facilitating healing with her voice and the use of the crystal bowls.

Contact Amy directly to learn more and book a session.