Chakra Series

Chakra Series

The Chakra Keys are Barbara’s second series of high vibrational art, created with the specific intention purpose of activating, aligning and refining the Chakra Energy Centers to whole new levels. Like the Image Keys, they are based on sacred geometry, and incorporate crystals, sacred sound and color to produce an amazing vibrational harmony.

Upgrading the Chakras is a vital step for all who choose to be guided by Unconditional Love, and to live in Oneness and perfect Balance. The Chakra Keys help achieve this by assisting our chakras to clear, evolve, and align with Higher Dimensional Energies of the New Earth. There are 11 Chakra Key images, covering 8 major Chakra centers of the physical body, plus three etheric Chakras – Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and Earth Star.

The Chakra Keys are highly effective energy healing tools, and are perfect companions for everyone’s individual spiritual journey and evolution. They are also popular with Integrative Health Practitioners who incorporate them into energy healing sessions with amazing benefits for their clients!

“When I asked Barbara to put her paintings in my office, I had no earthly idea what kind of change in frequency they would create. But the next day, I stepped into an energy that was positively out of this world! A remarkable transformation had occurred due to the healing energies of Barbara’s paintings. I am a believer, for sure, and Barbara’s work represents the tangible emergence of the vibrationary energetic reality we all are living in today. Just try it…you’ll love it.”  Dannion Brinkley. NY Times Best Selling Author of Saved By The Light

What’s Included in the Chakra Series:

Chakra Prints
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Chakra Cards
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Healing Discs
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Art of Raising Frequency Cover

Use Guide
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Silk Creations
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Chakra Key Prints

The Chakra Keys are available for purchase as high quality giclee prints on paper, or ready-to-hang stretched canvases.

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Chakra Cards

Chakra Keys for the New Earth is a unique and inspiring energy healing tool, based upon Barbara’s 11 Chakra Key paintings. The 48 card deck provides an exciting new approach to Chakras, Energetic Balance and Wellbeing, the Raising of Consciousness and the creation of a New Golden Age.

The original Chakra Keys are a series of High Vibrational Sacred Geometry Images, created to energetically support the our Chakra System to align with the Frequencies and Consciousness of The New Earth.

The 48 Chakra Cards provide an exciting opportunity to Clear, Balance, Upgrade, Refine and Maintain the frequencies of these Eleven Chakras in a way that is gentle yet profound.

Chakra Card Deck

“I have been using them on myself, family, friends and patients, both in person and for distance healing treatments. The Resonance is felt by All!” YS, San Diego

“Oh, WOW! These cards are Gorgeous and Amazing! What a Beautiful and Powerful gift to the World!” JB, Scottsdale

Each of the Eleven Chakras are represented by four cards with the intention of supporting the Four Cornerstones  or Pillars of Wellness… Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

Launched in August 2021, the Chakra Keys for the New Earth have rapidly achieved widespread acclaim as a major contribution to Chakra Wellbeing and Spiritual Development.

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Chakra Healing Discs

Eleven Chakra Key Healing Discs have been lovingly created from Barbara’s  Chakra Key paintingsone disc for each of the seven major Chakras, plus the Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, High Heart and Earth Star Chakras. With these discs, you can experience amazing energetic healing power and stunning beauty… all in  the palm of your hand!

Each disc “speaks to us” at the cellular level to enhance wellbeing on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit. These are truly advanced tools for our time, transmitting wonderful, high vibrational frequencies to clear, balance, activate and refine the entire Chakra  System. They set the vibrations for healing, providing energetic and spiritual support to facilitate deep connection with our inner essence, activate our gifts, ignite our true potential, and support optimal balance and wellbeing.

The quartz glass discs, available in 3″ and 6″ diameter formats, have a high quality central giclee image, and are hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties.

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“Using the discs, I felt wrapped in ribbons of golden light” Janis B, Reiki Master ON, Canada

“The Chakra Key Healing Discs open up additional layers of Holistic Healing”Gail Van Kanegan DNP, FNP, APHN, EEM-AP

Chakra Discs

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The Art of Raising Frequency User Guide

This beautifully illustrated User’s Guide describes the creation of the Chakra Keys, and how they can be used to enhance and maintain the positive frequency shifts that are so vital for achieving and maintaining vibrant health. The book is filled with information that underscores why the Chakra Keys are such an important contribution to Vibrational Medicine.

Use the guide to discover how the Chakra Keys and The Art of Raising Frequency create frequency shifts that are vital to restoring and maintaining the rhythm of our true inner essence, as we reclaim our wholeness, clearing the path to a vibrant, healthy life.

Real life examples provide inspiring testimony to the benefits of this new approach in energy healing… they include multiple case histories of how the Chakra Key Healing Discs have been used with great effect for self care, and also by Practitioners with exciting beneficial outcomes for clients and patients.

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Art of Raising Frequency Spread

“Barbara Evans has created a path to healing. Through an effortless, step-by-step engagement with each of her images, we can literally reconstruct and reconnect the splintered pieces of our Self, allowing us to become whole again”. Dr. Jan Seward, former Clinical Professor of Psychology, University of Bridgeport, CT

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Chakra Silks

Essence of LifePure silk is not only a luxurious natural fabric, it is also perfect energetically for holding and transmitting beneficial frequencies. To capture these benefits, we have developed a small range of silk energy healing tools that are based on Barbara’s paintings… collectively, we call them the Serene Frequencies range.

There are three types of silk product using the Chakra Keys:

  • Beautiful, pure silk scarves, measuring 52” x 52” that are perfect for wearing, or using as a throw. Many customers believe they have the comforting effect of a weighted blanket. There are six designs to choose from… each scarf enfolds the wearer in energies that are uniquely uplifting, and positively serene. LEARN MORE »
  • Silk Aura Mats, measuring 14” x 14”, that can be used in multiple ways both in the home and office. They radiate supportive and protective frequencies that enhance our quality of life. LEARN MORE »
  • A silk column, measuring 6’ x 1’, that includes Chakra Key images for all seven of the commonly recognized major Chakra energy centers of the physical body. This is a wonderful energy healing tool for creating sacred space. LEARN MORE »
Chakra Column

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