Chakra Key Healing Discs

Chakra Key Healing Discs: Amazing Energetic Healing Power and Stunning Beauty… all in  the Convenience of a Single Disc

Eleven Chakra Key Healing Discs have been lovingly created from Barbara’s  Chakra Key paintings, one disc for each of the Seven Major Chakras, plus the Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, High Heart and Earth Star Chakras. Each Chakra Key Healing Disc “speaks to us” at the cellular level to enhance Wellbeing on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit. The discs are available in 3″ and 6″ diameter formats.

These are truly advanced tools for our time, transmitting wonderful, high vibrational frequencies to clear, balance, activate and refine the entire Chakra  System. They set the vibrations for healing, providing energetic and spiritual support to facilitate deep connection with our inner essence, activate our gifts, ignite our true potential, and support wellbeing on every level.

“Using the discs, I felt wrapped in ribbons of golden light”
Janis B, Reiki Master ON, Canada

“I am in love with Barbara’s new Healing Discs!” Cindy H, Owner/Practitioner – Wise Owl Wellness Center, Sycamore IL

Whether looking for a single disc, or full set, each one has its own essence, intention and affirmation…

How to Use the Chakra Key Healing Discs:

The discs are designed to provide high vibrational healing energy that offers loving support to balance refine and heal the Chakras. They can be regarded as “guardian angels, providing comfort, healing and support for any situation.

Place the discs on display in a room to clear and uplift the energy of the space and surroundings.

Simply gazing into a disc helps to attune with the essence and intention that it holds… opening the way for beneficial energetic shifts and changes to unfold.

Use them to amplify innate healing ability… place on the body or move them intuitively through the energy field.

Imagine breathing in the energy of the disc to fill the entire body with Love and Light… then breathe positive intentions back out into the world.

We have received incredible feedback from early customers and practitioners. Here are the comments of one practitioner:

“I am in love with Barbara’s new Healing Discs!  As a Relaxation Specialist and Energy Balancing Practitioner, I enjoy finding new “tools” to enhance my clients’ relaxation and healing experience.  The Chakra Key Healing Discs capsulize the beautiful energies of Barbara’s Sacred Geometry Image Keys into easy-to-hold miniatures for meditation and Chakra/Energy Center placement. This allows for focused and direct energy balancing that results in healing and life-changing transformation.”

Cindy Harness ~ Owner/Holistic Relaxation Specialist, The Wise Owl Wellness Center, Sycamore, IL

About the Chakra Key Healing Discs

Each quartz glass disc has a high quality central giclee image, and is hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties.

The 3″ discs come with a velvet pouch, descriptive card and acrylic display stand, while the 6″ diameter discs come with a display stand and descriptive card.