Rays of Creation Card Set


The Rays of Creation Wholeness Cards™ are a beautiful and powerful Energy Healing Tool for both personal and professional use. The images carry the frequencies of the original channeled paintings and offer a very real opportunity to work with highly beneficial Higher Dimensional Energies in a unique and exceptionally easy to use form.

The twelve individual Rays are each represented by a Card, together with the Thirteenth, Master Key (Heart of Divinity) card, which holds the Colors and Frequencies of all Twelve Celestial Rays. In addition, there is an introduction to the significance of the sacred geometry and colors that underpin the Rays.

Each card has a picture of the particular Celestial Ray together with a description. The description also carries energy and follows an important and distinct format on each card.

Collectively, the cards assist in gently creating and maintaining energetic shifts which enable more of our gifts and talents, true essence and life purpose to be expressed in our daily lives. This contributes to a remarkable sense of Wholeness, a hugely important precursor to enhanced health and wellbeing.