Rays of Creation Individual Discs

The Rays of Creation Wholeness Discs™ are the foundation of the Rays of  Creation Healing System™. This System is designed for ease of recalibrating the human template to support Wholeness and Healing. The energetic recalibration initiated by the Ray Discs occurs at multi-dimensional levels through all layers of the Biofield. The discs can be used in multiple ways… simply displaying them will seed beneficial energies into any space, greatly contributing to the healing process.

Each 3” diameter disc is composed of a high quality giclee image sandwiched by two plates of beveled quartz glass, then hand-wrapped in copper to provide physical integrity and enhanced energetic properties. Each 3” disc comes with a display stand, velvet carrying pouch and descriptive card.

The 13th image, Heart of Divinity, is the master key of the system – it is also available as a super-sized 6” diameter disc with display stand.