About Barbara Evans

Barbara EvansBarbara Evans is an award winning Author, Artist and spiritual Visionary, whose deep sense of Love for our Planet Earth fires a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world: a way, based upon Love and Wisdom, which supports Peace, Unity, Joy, Abundance and Vibrant Health.

Barbara’s evolution from High School Teacher to transformational healing artist began in the 1990’s, triggered by a major, life-changing event – the death of her father: the book, Messages of Universal Wisdom and channeled paintings, the Image Keys are the creative outcome of that transformation. Her journey of discovery has been underpinned by the recognition that we are so much more than we generally believe.

Barbara began her spiritual development working with Energy, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and later Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.  In 2003 she underwent a quantum leap as her developing gifts came together in the creation of the first Image Key, “Healing the Waters of the Earth”. With this came the knowing that she had found her life purpose  … to assist Humanity with the Raising of Frequency and Consciousness. Raising Consciousness shifts our perspective from negative vibrations of anxiety, fear and isolation towards positive feelings of Love, Connection, Hope, Joy and Harmony. The resulting sense of inspired wellbeing creates a positive impact on all aspects of our lives, including physical and emotional wellness.

The Image Keys radiate powerful vibrational energies, which support our awakening process, and encourage a deeper connection with our True Essence. They are an invitation to evolve to our true and infinite potential. The Image Keys form the foundation of The Art of Raising Frequency™, a unique approach to energy healing which helps raise our frequency and the frequency of our surroundings.

Barbara Evans SoundA current area of focus for Barbara is creating tools which provide beneficial energies that support an optimal, holistic healing environment, for both patients and caregivers. Her work is fast becoming recognized by Healing Centers and Healthcare Organizations as a powerful addition to the self-care toolbox. A second focus is to extend the benefits of her high vibrational art for the healthy emotional development of children. The book, Coloring for Joy, co-authored with her daughter, Charlotte, immerses children in the positive frequencies of Love and Joy, and helps them feel loved and supported within the world.

Barbara’s journey of discovery has been underpinned by the recognition that we are so much more than we generally believe.

Born in England, Barbara graduated in Biology and Education from the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge. She has studied multiple alternative healing modalities and is a Visionary Healing Artist, Reiki Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist™ and ordained Minister. Barbara has lived with her husband, Nigel and three children in the United Sates for over twenty years. As the founder of Crystal Wings Healing Art, she travels extensively, introducing The Art of Raising Frequency through Presentations, Workshops, Events and Consultations.

The collective energy generated by Barbara’s work as it spreads throughout the world, contributes to the creation of a New Earth based on Unconditional Love and Compassion.