Chakra Keys

The Chakra Keys are a particularly beautiful sub-set of The Image Keys. They are also based on sacred geometry, and incorporate crystals, sound and color … however, they have been created with the special purpose of activating, aligning and refining the Chakra Energy Centers to whole new levels.

Upgrading the Chakras is a vital step for all who choose to be guided by Unconditional Love, and to live in Oneness and perfect Balance. The Chakra Keys help achieve this by assisting our chakras to clear, evolve, and align with the Fifth Dimensional Energies of the New Earth.

You may choose to work with the Chakra Key that you are most attracted to as a single piece, or you may choose two or three that support the focus of your personal and spiritual growth. Alternatively, you may choose to work with the entire set of 11 Chakra Keys, using them to clear and align the whole chakra system.

The Chakra Keys are also beautiful to work with in energy healing sessions; numerous Practitioners utilizing a broad range of modalities have incorporated them into energy work sessions with their clients… the results have been amazing!

The Chakra Keys are available for purchase as high quality paper prints in the shopping cart, and as larger prints on canvas.