Serene Frequencies Silk Aura Columns

Gracefully setting Vibrations for Healing and Harmony, these beautiful energetic columns, printed on 100% pure silk, will enhance your Healing Space, Work Space or Sacred Space at multiple levels. The Chakra column measures 6’ x 1’ and features 7 of Barbara’s Chakra Key images, while the Cosmic Column, measuring 5’ x 1’,  is an energetic master weaver, based on 7 repeating images of the Image Key, Cosmic Sunrise.

Double printed and double sided to provide the perfect weight for versatile use, this generously sized Chakra Silk Column will add a signature look to any space, as well as setting vibrations for Healing and Harmony. The column aligns the Chakra energetic centers and fine tunes the entire Biofield. From top to bottom, the column features seven of Barbara’s Chakra Key Images as follows…


• Crown of Hope (Crown Chakra)
• Eye of Awakening (Third Eye Chakra)
• Voice of Divinity (Throat Chakra)
• Heart of Love (Heart Chakra)

• Temple of Power (Solar Plexus Chakra)
• Joy of Creation (Sacral Chakra)
• Root of Peace (Root Chakra)

The Cosmic Column, measuring 5’ x 1’, is a stunning creation that lifts the vibration of any space in which it is placed or used. Double sided and double printed on pure habotai silk, the column hangs beautifully or can be used on any horizontal surface for multiple purposes.

Based on 7 repeating images of The Image Key, Cosmic Sunrise (Essence: Abundance), the Cosmic Column introduces positive frequencies of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony… the geometric pattern weaves frequencies of Heaven into Earth, and Earth into Heaven.

The Cosmic Column is truly a wonderful energetic tool to raise consciousness, awaken our full potential and unlock innate healing capabilities.