Empowerment Series

Empowerment Series

The Empowerment Series is based upon Barbara’s very first paintings (The Image Keys), and her book, Messages of Universal Wisdom: A Journey of Connection Through The Heart.

Sacred Geometry and Color, enhanced with the beneficial frequencies of crystals and the sacred sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, are deeply interwoven into the fabric of each image during the creative painting process and form the cornerstones of each of the eighteen Image Key Paintings. The Image Keys are more than beautiful works of art… they are important energy healing tools, each with their own unique Essence, that speak to us all the cellular and energetic levels of our Being. They assist us to awaken more of our innate potential.

From this series of high vibrational art, a range of tools have been created to easily access the beneficial frequencies in multiple ways.

What’s Included in the Empowerment Series:

Image Key

Image Key Prints
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Messages of Universal Wisdom Book

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Empowerment Cards
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Personal Empowerment Discs

Empowerment Discs
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Healing the Waters of the Earth

Empowerment Silks
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Image Key Prints

The Image Keys are Barbara’s original 18 high vibrational paintings – they form the basis of the Empowerment Series and are an important component of The Art of Raising Frequency energy healing modality. Sacred Geometry forms the basic structure of each Image Key upon which other energetic layers are woven. Sacred Geometry is the geometric language of creation, describing sacred patterns that are associated with All that exists within our Universe.

Energetically interactive, each Image is a KEY that helps tune the human biofield. The images raise frequency, assisting us to forge a deep connection with our True Self.  The frequency shifts attributable to the Image Keys can help unlock our complete DNA Blueprint and our powerful capacity for self-healing. Importantly, each image has a specific Essence, which helps determine how its frequencies can be most supportive.

The images are available as beautiful giclee prints on paper, and ready-to-hang stretched canvases.

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“With vibrant color and the geometries and archetypes of creation, the visionary artwork of Barbara Evans reminds us of the Joy of Spirit. Channeled from the heart, her paintings are more than simply beautiful images- they are true energetic keys”. Naisha Ahsian, Director of the Crystalis Institute; author of The Crystal Ally Cards and co-author of The Book of Stones

Creating the New Dream

Creating the New Dream #11

New Earth

New Earth #14

Carefree Delight

Carefree Delight #16

Cosmic Sunrise

Cosmic Sunrise #18

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Messages of Universal Wisdom” is my morning meditation: a heart-warming, mind-opening and frequency-raising daily ritual for wellness, wholeness and wisdom.” Dr. Roxanne Daleo, Author and Educator. www.drroxannedaleo.com

Messages of Universal Wisdom Spread

Messages of Universal Wisdom

Messages of Universal WisdomMessages of Universal Wisdom – A Journey of Connection Through the Heart, is a unique and richly illustrated account of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, that introduces Barbara’s original series of high vibrational art, The Image Keys. The book tells a story of divinely-inspired creations that have a profound significance for helping raise the frequency and consciousness of humanity. The book, and Barbara’s artwork, invite us to create a life we love… a life based on the positive vibrations of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope, rather than the negative vibrations of fear and anxiety. Messages of Universal Wisdom helps us shine a light upon our spiritual path, and allows us to connect deeply with our true self, our purpose in life, and ultimately our full potential and innate self-healing capabilities. It truly is a beacon of Empowerment.

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Empowerment Cards

Messages of Universal Wisdom: Empowerment Cards 2nd Edition is a beautifully boxed set of 42 energetically active cards, developed from Barbara’s  inspiring high vibrational art, The Image Keys.  This 2nd Edition has a new look and is energetically upgraded compared to the original version. At the heart of the card deck are visually stunning sacred geometry images imbued with crystal energies and codes of light. They raise frequency and consciousness, and provide unique insights to help awaken us to new possibilities.

Collectively, the award-winning Empowerment Cards create a deeply personal experience, providing guidance and energetic support on a daily basis to awaken deeper aspects of your true self and courageously step into your life purpose. The deck contains instructions for use, including easy-to-build healing grids which provide high vibration, sacred spaces.

Allow the Empowerment Cards to inspire your life, as you connect with, and manifest, the Love, Joy and Wisdom held deep within your Being. They are great fun to play with, and have benefited the spiritual awakening of thousands of people world-wide.

“Exquisite images from artist Barbara Evans. These cards are literally on another level, and you cannot but help be drawn into the visual sacred geometry and the sublime energy they contain.” AA, United Kingdom

“I consider Barbara’s Empowerment Cards to be one of my most powerful spiritual tools, and so very versatile, as well as loads of fun. They emit wonderful frequencies, and have contributed greatly to my spiritual growth.” SG, Denver

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2nd Edition – $39.50

“These are transformational  tools channeled with love… truly astonishing!”  Carmen Carigen, founder of Tranquil Healing

“An energetic art form which pulses with love and healing” J. Clayton

Empowerment Discs

The Personal Empowerment Discs™ have become one of the most popular products in the Art of Raising Frequency suite of energy healing tools. Based upon Barbara’s Image Key™ paintings, all 19 discs (7 are new launches for 2022) carry vibrations that tune the human biofield, thus supporting a deeper connection with our True Essence and the promotion of enhanced Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Healing within our daily lives.

The beveled quartz glass discs are remarkably vibrant… each contains a high quality central giclee image, and is hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties. There are two sizes… the 3″ version is perfect for personal use and allows easy immersion in the beneficial frequencies of the disc, while the 6″ version is perfect to display in the home or office, where the entire space receives a wonderful energetic upgrade!

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Empowerment Discs Chart
Empowerment Discs

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Empowerment Silks

Pure silk is a luxurious natural fabric that is also perfect energetically for holding and transmitting beneficial frequencies. To capture these benefits, we have developed a small range of silk energy healing tools that are based on Barbara’s paintings… collectively, we call them the Serene Frequencies range.

There are two types of Empowerment silk product based on The Image Keys:

  • Silk Aura Mats, measuring 16” x 12”, that can be used in multiple ways both in the home and office. They radiate supportive and protective frequencies that enhance our quality of life.
  • A Silk Cosmic Column, measuring 5’ x 1’, that is based upon 7 repeating images of Barbara’s painting, Cosmic Sunrise (Essence: Abundance). This is a wonderful energy healing tool for creating Balance.

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