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Energies for 2015

The Messages of Universal Wisdom: Empowerment Cards can be used in many different ways to provide insight, energetic support and an infusion of healing vibrations. On January 1st of each year I like to spend time with the Empowerment Cards: I  ask questions about the year just beginning, and receive messages about the influential energies that will help me and others to experience the best the year has to offer. Below you will find a picture of this year’s “Activation Circle”, which highlights some of the key energetic opportunitities for the New Year.


The cards which stepped forward are nothing short of sensational! The overall theme for 2015  is TRANSFORMATION … offering us a pathway into PEACE, BEAUTY, JOY and ABUNDANCE.

The past few years saw many of us sowing seeds, and preparing for the great opportunities to come. As we now move from 2014 into the New Year, the energy we bring with us is the FREEDOM to Create our Highest Dream!

2015 is an 8 year… 2+0+1+5=8… a powerful year for manifesting. It is a year in which it is important to connect with our True Self, our Inner Essence, and our Knowing of what is TRUE for us. This inner knowing enables and empowers us to step forward with COURAGE to live our lives in an authentic way, sharing the LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE that is held deep within our hearts.

It is clear from the Empowerment Cards coming forward this year within the Activation Circle,  that COURAGE is an important theme for the year. COURAGE activated through LOVE and JOY will bring HEALING, ABUNDANCE, EVOLUTION and greater INSIGHT. This will lead to 2015 being a year of great potential and TRANSFORMATION, with new levels of consciousness offering to take us into the next phase of our sacred life journey.

If you resonate with this message and have your own set of Empowerment Cards, I invite you to build this 2015 Activation Circle and sit in the center. You may like to choose crystals, shells or stones that you love, and place them on, and between, the cards, personalizing the circle for you. As you sit in the center holding the COURAGE card… contemplate… meditate…journal…

What comes to you? What do you feel? Do any thoughts or insights pass through your mind? Do you sense the excitement and potential that the year holds for you? Make sure to make a note of your Intentions, and thoughts on how to Manifest them.

Finally, I wish you a magnificent year of personal growth, transformation, inner peace, joy, abundance and wellbeing… remember, it’s all in the cards!

With Love and Blessings