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Energies for 2016… A Journey of Empowerment

As we step into a New Year, it is natural to wonder what 2016 will hold… both at a very personal level, and for the world and humanity as a whole.

For many years I have used this first day of the year to take some quiet time, “go inside”, and explore the possibilities that lie ahead. My own oracle deck, The Empowerment Cards have become a favorite tool for this exploration…
Here, I share the Seven Cards that came forward for 2016. They tell a powerful story…  A Journey of Empowerment!

The Seven Empowerment Cards that Stepped Forward for 2016


The 1st Card, and Central Theme, is TRANSFORMATION

Empowerment Cards_Pictures_TRANSFORMATIONTransformation offers us pathway of expansion into PEACE, BEAUTY,  JOY and ABUNDANCE!

Surrounding this central card are 6 other cards… like points of a star… they shine before us, guiding our way, offering clues to the possibilities that lie ahead, and how we might maximize the opportunities that will present  themselves during the year.



The “Storyline” begins with EVOLUTION

EMPOWERMENT CARDS_WORDS_EVOLUTIONFeel within your Heart and Mind who you choose to Be, and allow this to manifest!

This is a huge card, asking us to go within and truly connect with our inner essence, and inner knowing… “WHO DO I CHOOSE TO BE?”

This means we have a choice, and taking time to consider what this might be sets an important foundation for the year ahead.



From EVOLUTION we are invited to step into JOY

2JOYPICT_EmpowermentCardsFeel and express JOY within your Heart!

Joy is a trusty guide, helping us to know when we are on the right track. What brings you JOY? Is joy present within your life, or has it become buried so deep you have forgotten it is there?

This year, 2016, is a time to find the seeds of JOY held deep within your heart and help them to expand exponentially into all aspects of your life.



Next Step in the “Storyline”… SUPPORT

EMPOWERMENT CARDS_WORDS_SUPPORTYou are fully supported as you find your own unique path!

This support is an overall Universal Support from Angels, Guides, together with friends and family who truly understand us.

It is a great card to have stepped forward, one I am always delighted to see in any reading. Support is always available if we seek it!




Empowerment Cards_Pictures_INSIGHTDeepening INSIGHT leads to the next steps on your life journey!

This card signifies a new phase, new higher levels of consciousness, and awakening of spiritual DNA.

A deeper understanding of the “big picture” brings a new perspective to daily life.





Empowerment Cards_Pictures_ABUNDANCETogether we are the Sunrise of the New Golden Age!

The Abundance card holds vibrations of Joy, Prosperity, Expansion and                   Support encouraging us to confidently allow ourselves to blossom.

This card also emphasizes that we need to work together to create abundance in all its forms.



The sense of ABUNDANCE leads to HEALING

DECK_HEALINGPICCARD_highresYou are LOVED more than you can ever imagine!

The energy of Healing is pure LOVE, and this card encourages us to gently open our hearts and allow the vibrations of pure Divine LOVE from the Heart of Creation to enter and initiate Healing.





Evolution… Joy… Support… Insight… Abundance… Healing

In summary, these seven cards represent a truly inspiring storyline, which we can all experience, relate to, and benefit from, in our own unique way.

Begin by remembering that we are so much more than we can currently comprehend… that we have a vast potential , which we are only just beginning to explore.

Who do you choose to BE?

Healing is the reclaiming of our Wholeness. Healing begins on levels beyond the physical. As we connect more with our spiritual self, the “knowing” of our Wholeness is seeded into our awareness. A growing sense of Wholeness can then be brought to our emotional and mental selves… helping us to release past hurts, traumas and fear. The healing vibrations from reclaiming our Wholeness can then manifest in the form of increased physical health and overall sense of wellbeing.

It is a journey of Transformation and Empowerment.

We are all a work in progress, and Life presents many challenges, both within our daily experiences and on the larger world stage.

As we enter 2016, let us make a conscious New Year’s decision to embrace new possibilities that we know in our Hearts are right, and let this inner knowing fuel a heightened sense of empowerment that allows us to bring the best of ourselves into the world.

Evolution… Joy… Support… Insight… Abundance… Healing


I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Magnificent 2016

LOVE and Many Blessings