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The Importance of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies: A Role for the Image Keys

From the beginning of my creative work with the Image Keys it was clear that one of their many functions was to bring balance to Masculine and Feminine energies.

We each carry both Masculine and Feminine attributes,  whether we are male or female.

The Masculine attributes are associated with action, logic, mathematical and scientific thinking; they are “giving” and “moving out”  into the world.

The Feminine attributes are creative, nurturing, intuitive; they are “receiving”, and are connected more to the heart than the mind.

Both are strong, yet in very different ways.

There has been an imbalance of these energies within the world for thousands of years. There has been distortion of the expression of their purest form,  and this has been reflected by an imbalance within us as individuals.

At this time in the evolution of Humanity, there is an opportunity and crucial need to bring balance… both to ourselves and to the planet. There is an opportunity to heal the Masculine aspects of ourselves and reclaim the Feminine. We are being offered an opportunity to bring these two fundamental energies together,  to enable us to move forward in our personal growth with courage, honor, integrity, grace and intuition.

This balancing feature is built into each Image Key within the Sacred Geometry design. It is also fully supported by the crystal energies that have been used in creating each Image Key.  Many crystals have stepped forward to represent either Masculine or Feminine energies…

A powerful example of this is found in the two Amethyst crystals used in the creation of Image Key #17, Eye of Creation… both polished pieces of Amethyst are “Casa Crystals” charged by John of God. As they came into my life I had a knowing that one carried Feminine energies and the other Masculine.

Energy of the Masculine Amethyst, on the left, was channeled into the upper half of the purple background, while energy of the Feminine Amethyst, on the right, was channeled into the lower half.


Eye of Creation with Signature Crystals


It is clear to me that my work has been guided by Beings representing both Feminine and Masculine energies within creation… Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and Isis have become almost constant companions as have Jesus, Buddha, St Germain and Poseidon.

The Image Keys challenge us to evolve; they support us as we strive to activate more of the potential that exists within. They assist us to activate to higher levels our 12 stranded DNA and thus our Consciousness.

You are invited to enter the next steps in  your journey of Awakening through the balancing of Masculine and Feminine with the quantum vibrational energies of the Image Keys as your constant and supportive companions.

Which Image Speaks to your Heart and Soul?