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Barbara’s first ever “Blog”!

As we have worked over 6 months to create our new website, the underlying concept was to reveal more of our essence… who we are …what the Image Keys are, and why they are coming into existence now at this very crucial time in the evolution of Humanity and the Earth.

Our intention is to create a community, a feeling of connection and friendship, a place where people come to experience high vibrational energies that inspire awakening and feel they belong… also be sure to check out the magnifying tool in the shopping section as it gives the best view of the individual Image Keys so far created on the computer.

To help us achieve these intentions and help you become involved, we are starting a blog, Facebook and newsletter which we hope you will enjoy… let us know what you want… how can we make this a great experience for you!

It is a busy year for us with lots of traveling so please keep checking the Calendar for when we might be in your area, as we would love to meet you in person at one of the Workshops or Expos. Other significant activities for us will include:

  • At least one additional New Earth Chakra Key launched during 2012!
  • The first Crystal Wings Healing Art Practitioner Intensive in September. For those already practicing a healing modality, this will be an opportunity to learn how the beneficial healing energies of the Image Keys can be incorporated into their healing practice. This will be held at the Crystal Wings Studio, Richland MI, in a beautiful environment on a spring fed lake. 
  • The launch of a Golden Dolphin Pod…read more about Golden Dolphins.

I will be talking about these activities, and a lot more, in future blogs. Meanwhile, please visit us on Facebook, leave us a message and tell us what you think…

Love and Many Blessings