Chakra Key #28 – Heart of Compassion©



6″ x 6″ Print

Heart of Compassion activates and refines the High Heart Chakra, our natural seat of Compassion. Within the intricate geometry, encompassing the central Rose of Diana, is held tremendous healing energy. Frequencies of light and beneficial energies of many rare and beautiful crystals assist the awakening of the High Heart Chakra, our center of Compassion and of Unconditional Love… vital for activating, and living, our true and magnificent potential. The High Heart Chakra sits above the thymus gland… therefore, refinement of this energy center helps brings balance and harmony to the immune system.

Affirmation:  I am filled with Compassion, and Unconditional Love for Myself and Others

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Mini – 6×6 inches, Midi – 12×12 inches, Large – 22×22 inches

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