Chakra Key #25 – Eye of Awakening©



6″ x 6″ Print

Eye of Awakening opens, clears and refines the Third Eye Chakra, our energetic center that relates to Inner Knowing, Intuition, Insight and a growing ability to envision the big picture.  By raising consciousness and helping to activate our full DNA blueprint, Eye of Awakening awakens a deep connection with our True Essence and stimulates a greater clarity of purpose and life’s infinite possibilities.

Affirmation:  I choose to Awaken connect to and embody my Divinity.

Signature Crystals:  Auralite 23; Celestite; Pure Gold; Platinum; Ruby

Please inquire about larger sizes.

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Mini – 6×6 inches, Midi – 12×12 inches, Large – 22×22 inches

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