Personal Activation Sessions




Personal Activation Sessions with Barbara can be conducted in person (at her studio in Richland,
Michigan or in Vero Beach, FL) or over the phone. The sessions immerse you in the frequencies and vibrations of Peace, Love and Joy. They are inspiring, empowering and transforming, with an emphasis on manifesting your intentions and goals.

High vibrational energetic support for Awakening and Transformation is provided
via Barbara’s Empowerment Cards, and the cost includes a free card deck which will be sent in advance
of the session. Increased Joy, Clarity and Wellbeing are frequently experienced, together with an inner
knowing that a significant shift in Consciousness has taken place. The experience will assist you to make
a deeper connection to your true essence, life purpose and life path.

After reserving a session through the shopping cart, you will be sent a free deck of The Empowerment
Cards and Barbara will contact you to arrange a time for the session, and to understand desired