The Art of Raising Frequency User Guide

AoRF_Book_3DA new approach in Vibrational Medicine…
The Art of Raising Frequency: Setting the Vibrations for Healing

This beautifully illustrated User’s Guide describes the creation of a new energy healing modality, The Art of Raising Frequency, and how to use it within your daily life/healing practice to enhance and maintain the positive frequency shifts that are so vital for achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

  • Discover the underlying elements and principles of The Art of Raising Frequency
  • Learn how high vibrational art, sound and crystals can restore and maintain the rhythm of your true essence
  • Understand how to reclaim your wholeness and clear the path to a vibrant, healthy life
  • Learn how The Art of Raising Frequency can be integrated within your life, and with other healing approaches
  • Be inspired by real world client examples, of how The Art of Raising Frequency can change lives and enhance well-being