Personal Empowerment Discs – The “Beyond Coherence” Trio


These three, recently launched, discs carry the essence of Awareness, Evolution and Oneness… they are created from the Image Key paintings, Galactic Connection, Harmonic Concordance and Cosmic Integration respectively.

Energetic coherence implies balance at all levels leading to emotional and physical wellbeing. The “Beyond Coherence” trio of discs carry frequencies that extend coherence beyond a sense of inner Wholeness to a place of Oneness with the Universe.

Each disc comprises a high quality giclee image sandwiched between two plates of quartz glass, and surrounded by copper to enhance the energetic properties. The 3” discs come with a velvet pouch, display stand and descriptive card, while the super-sized 6” versions come with a display stand and descriptive card. Shipping is free.

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3" Healing Discs Set, 6" Healing Discs Set