We have received so much wonderful feedback from users of The Empowerment Cards. Beyond the beautiful images and inspiring words, it is the high vibrational energies radiated by the cards which set them apart from other decks. It might be difficult to accept that the cards are so energetically powerful, but it really is true! The sample of user comments below, offers some insight to the energetic healing support that the Empowerment Cards are able to provide.

“We felt the energy with The Empowerment Cards immediately … they are THE most powerful deck we have ever used.” Janis Desmond and Beverly Cardarelli, NY

“When someone comes into Sacred Journeys, and I can see that they need a quick yet powerful connection to spirit, I have them pull one of the empowerment cards, hold it to their heart and read the accompanying affirmation card. It has NEVER failed to be just what they needed!” Colleen O’Connor, Sacred Journeys, Albuquerque, NM

“I have been using the cards and found them to be nurturing … AND, they are fun.” PD, FL

“ I love my cards, and the days I have chemo I draw one and place it with the single word and do the meditation then take those 2 cards with me. Yesterday I was drawn to Creativity, and today I was drawn to Love . Both were so appropriate! Maybe you could encourage people going through chemo to do this exercise. There are so many ups and downs, and I am so blessed to have such beautiful healing tools to get me through this. I want everyone to know about (The Empowerment Cards), and to take advantage of this Universal Gift.” TB, FL