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Rays of Creation
Chakra Key Healing Discs

Barbara’s Art of Raising Frequency creates a significant energetic attunement that promotes a deep and profound Connection with our True Self, offering a bold new pathway to Peace, Joy, Harmony and Vibrant Wellbeing.

Leland Kaiser Barbara Evans’ work is in a class by itself. Her mandalas are magical and release the creativity and spirit of all who become involved with them. They are beautiful and interactive… they pull you in, and then return you to the world better than you were before entry.” Leland Kaiser, Health Futurist Sangeeta Pati “The power of Geometry and The Art of Raising Frequency became self-evident when we placed Barbara’s "Heart Chakra" healing image in our lobby. Patients were mesmerized, standing close to the image and gazing… "I am drawn to this. I don't know why." As we added more images, each containing a Universal language that speaks to us at the atomic level, we witnessed the vibration of our treatment rooms and Center become raised significantly.” Sangeeta Pati, MD FACOG, Sajune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine James L Oschman "When I see Barbara and her work, I see someone who has truly found their gift, life purpose and destiny. The images Barbara creates have a profound effectiveness... I believe RAYS OF CREATION is a pathway to finding yourself and your Divine Purpose." James L. Oschman, PhD. Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis