Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Wings Healing Art is an Authorized Distributor for Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls

Barbara started working with these beautiful bowls in 2003. They have made major contributions to her personal journey of spiritual awakening, to the creation of the Image Keys, and to her many workshops worldwide. Their healing tones connect with us on many levels assisting us to awaken and raise our consciousness. The sounds and vibrational frequencies of these bowls are an important component of The Art of Raising Frequency – they integrate perfectly with Barbara’s high vibrational art.

Allow Barbara to use her vast experience with crystal singing bowls, together with channeled intuition based upon your needs, to help you find the perfect bowl/bowls that will enhance your healing experience and spiritual growth, and which will create a magnificent harmony with any chosen art prints or healing discs. Please contact Barbara for further information.

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