What is Raising Frequency?


Raising our Vibrational Frequency and Consciousness…  allows us to move away from negative energies associated with fear, anger and anxiety, towards positive energies of Light, Love, Joy, Hope and Compassion. This shift is encouraged when we open our Hearts, expand our consciousness, and connect deeply with our inner truth, or essence. This deep connection offers a portal to new understanding about ourselves, and how we interact with the world… put simply, it allows the Awakening of our Full and Infinite Potential, helps unlock our powerful, innate self-healing capabilities, and promotes a sense of inspired wellbeing at every level of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Raising frequency is difficult to explain, but we know it has occurred through being sensitive to the associated energetic change. We may feel a lightness which inspires inner peace, and a greater awareness of spiritual connections to all that exists. Most obviously, there is a decrease in fear, anger and feelings of separation and isolation. As these negative energies are released, they are replaced by positive energies and feelings of Love, Peace and Joy. We are now on a path to reclaiming our wholeness… a path toward a vibrant, healthy life.

An invitation to raise our personal frequency is experienced when we find ourselves in a high vibration environment, or sacred space. Sacred sites and environments are characterized by having beneficial energies. Multiple examples can be found in nature, at ancient ruins and burial sites, and within places of worship. We can also create personal sacred space with favorite items, including photographs, art, crystals, flowers, essential oils and music. The recognizable shift in how we feel in a special, or sacred, place, touches both heart and mind in energetically profound ways, causing us to feel good, inspired and at peace. On leaving the special place, we may sense our frequency slowly dropping back toward a previous baseline, until we can take the opportunity to recharge once more…