Waves of Eden DVD – Meditations of Light and Sound


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Animated Mandalas evolve before your eyes, accompanied by the sacred sounds of crystal bowls and inspiring music. A truly astonishing and powerful mediation experience.

A breakthrough transformational tool for those experienced in the art of meditation, as well as beginners.

Three healing mandalas move and evolve with indescribable beauty, as they guide you into Meditations of Light and Sound… with music, crystal singing bowls and spoken affirmations creating a synergy beyond words:


Healing the Waters of the Earth:

A beautiful meditation for the Heart

This meditation centers around the powerful affirmation… “I Allow the Vibrations of Love to Open and Heal my Heart”


Eye of Awakening:

A profound meditation of Awakening and Rejuvenation

This meditation focuses on the affirmations … I choose to connect to, and embody, my Divinity


Shift of the Ages:

In this intense meditation, energies of TRANSFORMATION are presented in Light and Sound, with the affirmations…

I have seen the Future… It is Now I choose to walk this path into Peace, Joy, Beauty and Love

Use Waves of Eden on a regular basis to open up new possibilities as you connect more deeply with your True Self.

Waves of Eden is based on The Image Keys artwork of Barbara Evans

Original music score, animations and production by Fusioneer, Dana Walden

Crystal Bowl playing by Barbara Evans

Click on video to start/stop. Double-click to play full-screen.

This short preview includes each of the 3 meditations on the Waves of Eden DVD. The quality will be dependent upon the speed of your internet connection, and may not reflect the high quality of the actual DVD