Private Treatment Sessions

Setting The Vibrations For Vibrant Health

RoseforRootofPeace_FromGardenofCranesPond_lowMany healthcare professionals and energy workers recognize that a frequent missing piece in creating and maintaining vibrant health is our ability to connect with our true self. Connecting deeply with our inner essence is key to unlocking our amazing potential and to uncovering self-healing capabilities beyond our imagination.  Vibrational Medicine offers a pathway for awakening this profound connection: through using the vibrational frequencies of light, color, geometry and sound, we can energize, revitalize and repair our natural healing systems, and at the same time allow Love, Peace and Joy to dominate our lives.

Vibrational healing is powerful because it is not just experienced with our senses, it touches every cell, and transforms us on emotional, spiritual and physical planes.   According to Dr Mitchell Gaynor, former Director of Medical Oncology at the Weill-Cornell Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, “Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder”

Barbara is a gifted and intuitive healer who has founded a new energy healing approach, The Art of Raising Frequency, based on her own high vibrational art and sound. During a private treatment session, Barbara creates a nurturing energetic cocoon to  promote an energetic frequency shift that is in direct response to your personal needs and health status.  Through an interweaving of the universal geometry of life with light, color and sound in unique and beautiful ways, you will experience a deepening  connection with your true essence, and you will feel a wonderful process of Awakening, Transformation and Self Healing start to unfold.

These private sessions create a frequency shift that nurtures every level of Body, Mind and Spirit… every cell is exposed to vibrations that help restore the body’s normal functioning , promoting a heightened sense of Joy, Peace and Wellbeing.

At your first session, you will receive a set of Barbara’s acclaimed Empowerment Cards to help maintain and enhance the beneficial shifts that have occurred.

Treatment Sessions can be conducted in person at her studio in Vero Beach FL, or over the phone. The sessions are truly uplifting – you become immersed in the frequencies and vibrations of Peace, Love and Joy. They are inspiring, empowering and transforming, with an emphasis on manifesting your intentions and goals, and on creating the pathway to a joy-filled, vibrant healthy life.

Testimonials include:

“Barbara is highly gifted with the energies she sets (during a personal session) … helping us reach a higher, and more blessed, state of consciousness.  She is a great blessing on this Earth!” Kelsey L. Thousand Oaks CA

“I highly recommend having a session with Barbara Evans. The session is truly amazing.  You will feel major shifts and transformations happening immediately”.  Susan J. Albuquerque NM


Contact Barbara directly to arrange your personal session.