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Welcome to the website of
Crystal Wings Healing Art
and the World of the Image Keys!

We invite you to share the vision and mission of Barbara Evans and her husband Nigel… founders of Crystal Wings Healing Art. We are vision holders for Creating a New Earth and New Dream, bridge builders between Earth and the Higher Dimensions.

The Earth is currently at the beginning of a new 26000 year grand cycle and the choices we make now are setting the scene for this new period… the potential development of a new Golden Age.  To create the highest possible expression of humanity within this new cycle, we must raise our consciousness away from fear and into Unconditional Divine Love at both individual and collective levels.

Our mission at Crystal Wings is to support this evolution of consciousness and the development of a world based upon Peace, Unity, Joy and Abundance.  Barbara has been guided to create a unique vibrational healing system to help achieve these goals based upon the Image Keys … stunningly beautiful images which radiate powerful, beneficial energies derived from sacred geometry, crystals,  sound and color, all channeled via the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Image Keys raise the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, inviting us to raise our Consciousness, promoting Balance and unlocking our Infinite Potential. The intention is to assist in the creation and manifestation of our Highest Dreams, and help anchor Oneness, Joy and Abundance into our lives.   As Color, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and the Language of Light are interwoven, they create a unique interactive living energy that is far greater than the sum of its parts… the Image Keys are Alchemy in action.

Within our website you will discover 24 Image Keys forming the HEART of our work. They carry messages beyond the logic of words, speaking to your heart and soul, awakening the Divine Blueprint held deep within your Being.

As you explore, we invite you to contemplate… “which image speaks to my heart and soul?”… this is the Image Key that will set the process in motion, supporting transformation from where you are to where you choose to be in the future.

Enjoy our website, learn more about Crystal Wings Healing Art, the work of its principal founder, Barbara Evans , and the creations ( Image Key prints ; Messages of Universal Wisdom : Book and Empowerment Cards ; greeting cards ) which inspire spiritual awakening, transformation and empowerment . You can shop for these unique products, check out our upcoming events, become part of the growing community who identify with Barbara’s work, and share our vision to raise consciousness and unlock our true potential by awakening the Divine Blueprint held within all of us.