AHNA 2021 Virtual Conference

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Welcome to All Attendees of the AHNA 2021 Virtual Conference!

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Barbara Evans and Crystal Wings Healing Art are pleased to present The Art of Raising Frequency, a new energy healing approach inspired by Barbara’s high vibrational, sacred geometry artwork, synergized with the beneficial frequencies of crystals and sound.

We have been exhibiting at the AHNA conferences every year since Branson, and truly appreciate the tremendous support from the holistic nursing community. The Art of Raising Frequency has flourished as a healing approach since the creation of Barbara’s first iconic painting, Healing The Waters of the Earth in 2003. This evolution has greatly accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the introduction of The Rays of Creation Wholeness Healing System, and numerous beautiful new energetic tools, all of which are designed to inspire a deep connection with our inner essence, help unlock our full potential, and expand our innate healing capabilities.

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Barbara’s Video, where she takes you on a guided tour of her studio and some of the Energy Tool highlights.


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What’s New

Rays of Creation Wholeness System

Art of Raising Frequency - Rays of Creation

Chakra Healing

Art of Raising Frequency - Chakra Keys

Chakra Healing

Silk Mats and
Silk Chakra Column:

Empowerment Series

Art of Raising Frequency - Empowerment Series


Silk Aura Mats and
Silk Cosmic Column:

Workshops and Certification Program

Workshops and Certification Program

Empower Your Life: Beyond Coherence
Online Workshop

Chakra Recalibration
Online Workshop Intensive

What People Are Saying…

“Barbara’s work is beautiful and inspiring!”
Donna Cardillo RN, CSP “The Inspiration Nurse”

“The images Barbara creates have a profound effectiveness… I believe RAYS OF CREATION is a pathway to finding Yourself and Your Divine Purpose.”
James L. Oschman, PhD. Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

“In four short days, I have made progress (with my health and wellbeing) that I have not been able to make with years of other modalities and countless money invested.  I am truly grateful to you, Barbara, for allowing your Divine Purpose to manifest in the form of the Art of Raising Frequency.”
Tammy Marinaro RN, BSc, BHS

Use Coupon Code AHNA22 for a 22% Discount on ALL Energy Healing Tools in Our Shopping Cart