About Crystal Wings Healing Art

The mission of Crystal Wings Healing Art, founded in 2003 by visionary healing artist and author, Barbara Evans, is to assist Humanity in the raising of frequency and consciousness, and in developing new ways of living and being in the world, based upon Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Peace and Unity.

Cornerstones of Crystal Wings Healing Art are Barbara’s channeled creations, the Image Keys and Chakra Keys. These stunningly beautiful images radiate powerful, beneficial energies derived from sacred geometry, crystals, sound and color. The paintings raise the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, providing the opportunity to raise Consciousness, promote Balance, deepen connection with our True Self and unlock our Infinite Potential. They assist in manifesting our Highest Dreams, and help anchor Oneness, Joy and Abundance into our lives. The high vibrational art exemplified by The Image Keys, is now the foundation of a new energy healing approach, The Art of Raising Frequency.

Crystal Wings Healing Art develops, publishes and distributes unique energetic tools,  based on Barbara’s creations, all of which raise frequency, and enhance an inspired sense of wellbeing. Our current product range includes high quality prints and canvases of the Image Keys and Chakra Keys; a book, Messages of Universal Wisdom; an inspirational card deck, The Empowerment Cardsillustrated mandala coloring books for children, Coloring for Joy, and for adults, Connecting Through The Heart; an amazing meditation DVD, Waves of Eden; a beautiful set of 11 Eden Healing Discs based on the Chakra Key paintings, and now a user’s guide to The Art of Raising Frequency, entitled “Setting The Vibrations for Healing”. Access to our products is continuously being extended through developing a network of distributors.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us for details.

Currently based in Michigan and Florida, USA, Barbara travels extensively to spread awareness of her vision and mission: appearances at Expos, workshops, events, conferences and courses are organized throughout the world. The synergistic combination of Barbara’s passion, with the beautiful transforming energies of her High Vibrational Art, Crystal Grids and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls have drawn considerable acclaim both as stand-alone workshops, and as unique experiential contributions to larger events and conferences.  If you would like to sponsor a workshop, or you are interested in her participation at a multi-presenter event, please contact Barbara.